Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Today's Look of The Day!

This was taken before i put on lipstick! =D

My eyes look really wonky cos' they aren't symmetrical like perfect caucasian dolls do XD

And a short video on Lips of The Day lol. Should i do more of these instavideos?

I've got tons of lipsticks to swatch and just got 7 new ones over the weekend O_O

Here's a clearer photo on the ombre lips. I painted M.A.C.'s Matte Kinda Sexy over the entire lips before dabbing on Matte Flat Out Fabulous over the top and bottom centre of the lips and blending it out with my ring finger. 

The result is a very soft and feminine look which adds a little bit of fun and dimension to the usual monotonous lip colours.

Anyway, thank you for checking in on this space, i'll be back soon with a new skincare post! 

Good night loves x

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