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One of my most important beauty essential in my everyday skincare routine is a good hand cream that helps to protect and hydrate my hands all day long! I cannot stress how important it is to start moisturing and taking good care of your hands early as they are usually the bit that gives it all away.

A hand cream is one of those items i will usually make space for (& my lip balm) no matter how small my handbag is. I even have different hand creams for different climates/conditions and it's something i will never leave the house without.

Sadly, i've always had really dry and rough palms, even worse now as we suffer the ravages of exposure to the worst of Singapore weather. I used to wake up in the morning with my hands feeling tight and sore, hence my pursuit of finding the best hand creams to combat craggy, sun-damaged skin! 

Here are my picks of the best ones i've loved and loved again over the years!


Texture & Consistency: Very rich and protective hand cream that works itself easily into the skin without feeling the least greasy. 

Benefits & Effectiveness: Contains Safflower Seed Oil and Macadamia Oil to help re-balance dryness and protect from moisture loss. Lasts me a good 8-10 hours into the night, and still keeps my hands feeling calm and smooth in the mornings!

Fragrance: Rose is almost always my preferred choice of fragrance in a hand cream and this one is alluringly innocent and soothing to the senses.

Packaging: Simple & elegant design, and comes in 2 sizes, 40ml & 125ml.
(FYI: The Australian natural skincare brand is all about carbon footprint reduction and decreasing the environmental impact of all of their packaging materials.)

Price: About SGD50 for 100ml. It's quite pricey but i know it's worth paying good money for as the brand strives for more than 95% of natural ingredients in their products so i know i'm in "good hands".

Suitable for most weather conditions, especially in harsh climate conditions. I got two 100ml tubes for approx. SGD100 at the duty-free aiport. You may want to purchase in a set to save some money and they make excellent gifts!


Texture & Consistency: Almost a water gel-like consistency and this is the ONLY hand cream that never seizes to amaze me whenever i apply it on.Unlike most other hand creams, i don't have to carefully work the product into my skin. It hardly takes any effort for me to massage the product into my skin and it penetrates in a matter of seconds.

Benefits & Effectiveness: A super smoothing hand and nail care treatment blended
with organic sweet almond and jojoba oil. This lightly scented treatment glides on and absorbs to help protect and nourish. Resuming cracked, splotchy skin to a softer, brighter, more evenly toned texture and feel.

Fragrance: Subtle light fragrance that smells heavenly! Not the usual one-dimensional scent you get from most hand creams. So divine!

Packaging: Sleek and feminine design with the rose gold cap. Material of the tube makes it easy for me to dispense the product onto my hands.

Price: SGD60 for 120ml. You know you're having the best as this Israeli skincare brand only uses unique organic and natural ingredients in their products.

Even though this hand cream is the lightest texture I've ever come across, it does a fine job protecting my chapped hands through the night. Honestly, it feels more like a luxurious treatment for my hands and nails more than anything. I feel like i have invisible gloves on every time i apply it.

Works best for oppressive, humid weather because it is effective without any of the greasiness.


Texture & Consistency: Ultra-creamy and buttery, mostly due to the fact that there's macadamia oil, whose fatty acid profile is unparallel.

Benefits & Effectiveness: Macadamia Oil is extremely calming and healing, making it the perfect oil for repairing the skin’s barrier function and Grapeseed Extract helps heal dermal wounds.

Fragrance: Subtle nutty fragrance. Great for people who don't appreciate floral or fruity scents.

Packaging: Cute, pleasant turqoise packaging injected with Bliss's signature blend of quirky humour, science, and ease!

Price: SGD43 for 74ml.

This is the cream that i've been using religiously every night. It has barrier strengthening fatty acids that's good for my skin, and it always leaves my hands feeling soft and supple when i wake up.                                 
Plus, this antioxidant-rich formula works miracles for cold-weather ravaged skin that requires immediate attention and lots of TLC. Although it's not quite suitable for day use in Singapore as we know it's super hot and humid here, so this hand cream may not be appropriate as it's pretty oily. 


Texture & Consistency: Hands of Hope's supreme softening and surface smoothing properties make this balm the perfect companion for dry hands. It has kind of a waxy texture so it gives a velvety finish upon application.

Benefits & Effectiveness: The formula contains shea butter and a blend of natural oils to help provide long-lasting moisture and help prevent dry skin and nails. I like that it doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky but manages to retain moisture and improve my skin's smoothness for silky, soft hands!

Fragrance: It has a no fragrance-fragrance, which is awesome if you have irritable skin or a really sensitive nose.

Packaging: Love the travel size, it's super light and compact, perfect even for the smallest of handbags! I also love the meaningful quotes imprinted on the tube, makes me happy whenever i read them!

Price: SGD15 for 30ml.


Absolutely love the travel size which is why this is my on-the-go winner! It hydrates and plumps to take a few years off your hands instantly, feels amazing and doesn't leave a greasy film behind. I've repurchased this over and over again, and i have at least 5 empty tubes now!


Texture & Consistency: Thick, balmy consistency that requires you to massage the product until it is fully absorbed into the skin.

Benefits & Effectiveness: This ultra-rich formula is clinically proven to last through 6 hand washes and as exaggerating as it may sound, I wouldn't underestimate the power of this affordable healing salve. It is also paraben-free and silicone-free and has a new encapsulated emulsion that slowly releases the hydrating actives for longer lasting wear.

Fragrance: I'm a sucker for lovely scents and this one has somewhat of a clinical smell which i'm not sure everyone would be fond of. Well, i don't really care because it has worked really well for my skin so I'm not complaining :)

Packaging: Easy, uncomplicated packaging, though a tad bulky, but is great to have in the office desk or at the corner! Has a slight lingering greasy film so i suggest you use it only in air-conditioned or cold environments.

Price: SGD20 for 75ml. I may be wrong but i got this at a HUGE discount during Watson's mega sale for only $10 lol. AWESOME! Btw, Avene holds promotions at Guardian and Watson outlets regularly so keep an eye out for em', you can thank me later =D


This would work for anyone with a tight budget and needs a quick hand cream remedy. Especially to those who suffer from super dry hands (even eczema), particularly during the cold snap when cuticles can become sore and sensitive. Is equally effective when applied to dry, cracked heels and elbows.

Thank you so much for reading and i hope i've given you some suggestions on what hand cream you should buy should you need one! Every girl does, so start using one today! 

Let me know which  are your favourite hand creams (if i've left them out in this entry) in the comment box below! I'm always looking for newer, better formulas and would honestly love to try them out! 

Good luck and check back later today for a new entry! 

P.S.: I'm unveiling a new channel and uploading my first beauty video! :) 


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