Sunday, 27 October 2013


Lately, i've been receiving a lot of generous and flattering comments and questions about my "new" visage. I was pleasantly surprised that people have actually noticed the slight changes in my complexion. Friends would comment that my skin looks a lot smoother, fresher and even more radiant.

It took me a really really long time to put up this entry (drafting, scraping & re-drafting) because i wasn't sure how it would work for my skin initially and i was trying my best to understand the product and its benefits while testing them for the past 3 months. I wanted to be sure that the (first week of) results i saw on my face wasn't temporary or just a hoax i bought into.

So finally, after 3 months of testing out the product, i decided that i couldn't wait to share and let you in on my little secret!

Psst, it's got something to do with it being organic! :>

NOTE: I've only decided to review it now because i normally use a product for a really really long time before deciding whether i love it or not. It also takes at least 2-4 weeks to see if there's any minor/significant changes (if any) and if the product is suitable for my skin. I've also tested it out on relatives and the amazing thing about these products is that the effects are ALMOST instantaneous on everyone i used on!

How i came to learn and purchase these products was an absolute melodrama so i'm gonna spare you the details and dive right into their magical elixirs!

** Oh and btw, other than removing my moles, i did NOT photoshop ANY of the photos to make my skin look better or uglier. I kept it as raw and honest as i possibly can, so if there are holes and creases on my face, then there are holes and creases lor XD 

I'm baring it all for you :)


I am an ultra-sensitive, oily-combination skin-type. Prior to using Gratiae's Replenishing Eye Cream & Serum, i had very leathery skin and bumps around the area of my eyes and sides of my nose bridge. I also get milia once in a while as the products i used were probably too rich or unsuitable for me. Additionally, my eyes are prone to puffiness and dark circles due to lack of sleep and water retention =(

Just a few days into the products, my complexion around these targeted areas have vastly improved. It was pure alchemy! I couldn't believe how fast-acting and effective the products were! 
I noticed slight improvements in discolouration and reduced puffiness. But most importantly, the bumps around my eye area had gone down significantly and felt a lot smoother on the surface. I haven't gotten a milia in the last 3 months!! YAY!

I'm sure you wanna know more about these products so here's a breakdown of my analysis!


Benefits: A superior, fast-acting organic serum with a natural blend of ingredients that recovers skin's elasticity and clarity, assisting in revitalizing, firming and boosting cell renewal. Also combats the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eye.

Contains Lactic Acid that improves skin's texture and hydration level. (Psst.. Cleopatra's most coveted beauty secret is bathing in sour milk!)

Effectiveness: The photo below speaks for itself! (Before & After in 5 minutes)

Tested it on my aunts and uncles during a get-together.
(Pardon the low-res, it was a spontaneous decision to try it out on them!)

Texture: Feels and looks a lot like Sweet Almond/Jojoba Oil. Not surprising there as these are 2 of the main ingredients in this winning formula! It has a really light oil texture but once applied, it penetrates quickly into the dermis and leaves a smooth, velvety finish.

Fragrance: I can barely detect any fragrance in this serum, but there's a subtle hint of floral scent.

Packaging: Frosted glass bottle with a pump function that allows for easy dispensing. Quite heavy but totally royal and extravagant.

Price: SGD342. *sensing the horror on your face as I did when i first read the price tag*
Drawbacks: Exorbitant price for a product that some may consider unnecessary. Also, Lactic Acid may be irritating especially on damaged or allergy-prone skin. Hence, i only use this serum at night as increased sun sensitivity is often an issue with this ingredient. Of cos, also to save money, i only use this product once instead of twice a day!

Gentle reminder to ladies who want to use it in the day anyway - remember to slap on tons of sunscreen (SPF 40-50) and limit your time in the sun.

Overall: I initially bought this for my Mom because i felt it would be more appropriate for her (age) and less so for me, but since buying it, i've been stealing and using it more often than she does. After seeing the powerful effects it had on Mom's wrinkles, i decided to apply it on my laugh lines (for the past 1 month) as i've noticed that the area is loosing its elasticity and starting to look very much like orange peel.

Now, I can even flash a wide smile without being worried that the lines will show up on other ppl's cameras/photos when they zoom into my face!


Benefits: A powerful age-defying nourishing eye cream targeted at the delicate, sensitive area of our eyes. Its beneficial blend of thermo-mineral water, restorative natural flora, and organic oats and oils re-tones skin, balances moisture level and boosts cell renewal.

Effectiveness: I've been using this religiously and within the first 3-5 days, i have already noticed improvements in my skin tone and complexion. I'm not saying that it has completely removed all the bumps around my eyes but it has definitely and irrevocably changed my life. Skin is more even in tone and smoother and allows for much easier and lasting eye makeup! 

Texture: Feels less like a cream and more of a lotion consistency. Is so light in texture that it absorbs into the skin almost instantly.

Fragrance: Can't quite describe the scent.. and i may be wrong but it smells a bit like grass. haha

Packaging: Luxurious, gold frosted glass tub with tinted gold cap. Too bulky for your travel bag but definitely fit for a queen!

Price: SGD342. I use only 1/2 of the amount of this than i would do for any other brands, so i find that its quite economical even though it's very expensive in the beginning. 

Drawbacks: Other than it's hefty price tag, i can't fault this product at all!

Overall: I'm just in awe of this product! It's definitely worth every cent i paid. The fact that it's ORGANIC is a huge strength and that was why i was sold. I think their products, all certified organic, are extremely gentle yet effective and perfectly suitable for my sensitive skin.
Definitely re-purchasing this one!


I believe Gratiae has developed an incredible formula that is both safe and organic and still delivers phenomenal results.  Here are the lists of main ingredients they've used in their elite, age-defying natural line of products:

Photos extracted from the Gratiae website.

Here are more Before & After photos i took yesterday for comparison.


I usually go out with my naked face, pimples and all if i'm just grocery shopping or catching a show at the nearby mall. With my new-found complexion, i don't have to walk with my head low afraid that strangers might catch a glimpse of my dull, weary countenance =D

Of cos, there's just 1 complaint I have.
The male sales attendant was really convincing, which wasn't a bad thing and i actually enjoyed our conversation when we first entered the store. However, when i decided not to buy the serum and eye cream and just get their hand cream, he was RELENTLESS and almost drove me crazy. If you're considering to buy their products, don't be dissuaded by their unrelenting sales tactics. My advice is to NEGOTIATE with them. 

For some reason, all the Israeli cosmetics/skincare brands (Jericho, Vardi & Midgal, Gratiae) I've previously patronised ALWAYS offers some kind of bundling promotion, so try to negotiate and get a good discount for the products you wish to purchase :) You can choose to walk away if they don't. Just don't hand them your credit card unless you're certain and comfortable with the prices, otherwise, you'd be in a really awkward situation where you feel obliged to buy even when you don't really want to.
All right, gonna end this post with a random photo of myself. Hope i've given you a new option to solving your quarter-life beauty crisis albeit a very expensive one. If you're considering to buy some of their products after reading my review/recommendation, I'd love to know how you feel after using them! 

Feel free to email me at or simply leave a comment in the comments box below! ♥

Don't forget to drinks tons of water, get your beauty sleep and stay cheery!  ♥

Til tomorrow! :)



  1. Wow! Thanks for the review ^_^
    I've always heard that eye creams are important in peoples daily routine but i always thought they were pretty useless! After reading your review, you can really see a big difference on your face! You didn't even have any fine lines but after a month your skin looks even more smoother and flawless! What a miracle product~~

  2. Buy this product on Amazon or Ebay, it's 1/10 of the price!!

    1. Thanks babe! I heard that too! But I'm skeptical about its authenticity. What do you think? :)

    2. Well, it depends on the seller I think. I saw a bunch of reviews on there from verified buyers that said they bought the first jar for hundreds at a kiosk then ordered online from Amazon and it was the same product. So maybe I will purchase from a user with higher seller ratings since they are less likely to cheat me. I know the product itself must be good because a few people bought it and it was used with finger marks in it and they were so desperate they kept it anyway! I was given a few samples at a kiosk...I was greedy with it, spreading the two little packets' use over a month and it is amazing... worth trying on amazon. Thanks for your review, Gwen. I will keep you posted on my own review.

  3. My experience was bad, my skin is now like paper and they don´t answer my customer claims. Not appropriate to all skins