Tuesday, 8 October 2013

周瑋賢 JACKY - 是我不好MV

Hi everyone!


Sorry for the week-long hiatus, here's something special i wanted to share with you when i was away but couldn't upload cos' the internet in China was uber laggy! 

It's my first MV, so don't laugh! >.<

BTW, this is also Jacky's first single from his upcoming EP, which he composed and funded all by himself! So lend your support to this exceptionally hardworking musician and his amazing music by sharing this video! 

Hope you guys enjoyed Jacky's song as much as i did filming this MV for him!  

Oh and before i go, some of you have been asking about the Laneige Giveaway Kits, and i've announced the winners on my instagram last week! 

Here they are again..

 Congrats to both winners! I will be mailing your kits with extra goodies i got from Taiwan to you soon! =D

Good night loves

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in the MV, babe!