Monday, 21 October 2013


Awhile back, Alene, Anna and i attended a media event organised by the Singapore Armed Forces in an effort to encourage stronger support by Singaporean women, who are girlfriends, sisters and mothers of our National Servicemen.

As part of their programme, we were given a sneak peek of our full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) training at the Office Cadet School (OCS) in their full battle order uniform. This was also a chance to meet with our men and women SAF officers from our Regular core to share about the work they do.  


Because this was an all-ladies event, the awesome SAF PR team decided to pamper us with a free nail art service in a military theme!  

(Can you imagine, we climbed ALL the way up to the top so that we could enjoy this magnificent view?! No i'm not kidding!)

I had tons of fun touring and exploring the Army Museum with the group of bloggers and army officers! My favourite section was at the Rifle Simulation where we got to try shooting with the "real thing" hahaha. There were 2 types of rifles and i scored PERFECT both times! HAHAHA the old officer managing the area was sooo impressed cos' he said people normally fail at the older rifle that was previously used in the army. Oh well, if everything fails, at least i know i can sign up for the army and become a marksman! heheh!

Lastly, i wanna thank Steph and her amazing team for inviting us and making the experience such a memorable one! We even took home our very own dog tags and an awesome goodie bag!

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