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A month ago, my aesthetician, Ginny from M&G Aesthetics gifted me with a set of emerginC Scientific Organics products when i mentioned to her that i have been testing out more natural/organic brands. So i thought I'd do a thorough review of the products since I've been using them for about a month now! Read on if you'd like to know more about their line of natural products :)

In essence, emerginC Scientific Organics is an active, 100% natural, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free, result-oriented line with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients in every item.

[FYI: I am an oily-combination skin type and very sensitive to dust, dirt and reacts badly to overly-rich skincare products etc. I've steered clear of any cream-based products and generally stick to gel or water-based stuff.]


So I'll start with their Kombucha Cleanser since cleansing is always the first step to our morning skincare routines.

This is a gentle and effective cleanser that helps remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and leftover makeup without drying out your skin. It's suitable for all skin types.

Active Ingredients: Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, spirulina, green tea, white tea, aloe vera, maritime pine bark extract.

How I use it: I apply 3 pumps onto my wet palms and lather for about 3-5 seconds before working it onto my face. Then i apply one more pump onto my Foreo Luna Mini (essentially does the same thing as the Clarisonic but works so much better! Will be doing a full review on it soon =D) and work this all over my face like a mini facial for about a min for a deeper cleanse. I use this in the mornings and evenings.

Overall: This is much more mild and gentle than a lot gel-cleansers out in the market and is probably the most delicate cleanser I've ever used because it doesn't foam up when i lather even a large amount on my hands. It's very light and doesn't make my skin feel tight after washing, hence, very suitable for my ultra-sensitive skin. 3.8/5

However, if you want something that makes your face feel squeaky clean then this probably may not be what you are looking for. I prefer something that doesn't dry out my skin, but just enough to feel clean and fresh so I personally like this.


Prior to to receiving this Spirulina Toner, I was using the Jurlique Rose Mist most of the time after my shower just to hydrate and freshen up. I've since replaced the latter with the Spirulina Toner to refresh, nourish and prep my skin for better product absorption later.

Active Ingredients: Kombucha, grape stems, algae extract, glycerin, spirulina, green tea, white tea, aloe vera, maritime pine bark extract, horsetail, red algae.

How I use it: After cleansing, gently apply with cotton onto face.

Overall: I haven't used any sort of toner for the past maybe 6-7 years because I was using one of those Clinque ones that contained alcohol and that really drained my skin of moisture and I just didn't see the point in one lol. Anyway, I think this one works well to tone the skin, adjusts my pH and remove any dead skin cells whenever I use their Peel Pads (see next).
It leaves just the slightest sticky feeling even after it's dried. 3.6/5


Depending on my mood, I would follow up with the At-Home Facial Peel & Clarifying Kit.either in the morning or evening. This is one of THE BEST THINGS that's happened for my face this year, after my Gratiae Eye Cream/Serum and my Foreo Luna Mini. I've stopped exfoliating my face for 3-4 months after i learnt that the normal exfoliators are counter-effective and will cause pores to open up even bigger and produce more sebum. 

I saw the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Pads but never attempted them because I was afraid that it could be too harsh for my skin so this kit arrived at an opportune time!

Basically, this is a 2-Step Facial Peel + Clarifying Kit, with easy-to-apply cotton pads that help remove dead skin cells, renew complexion, brighten, nourish, clarify as well as minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And it's freaking AMAZING because I don't have to scrub my face and it's made of 100% natural and 70% organic ingredients!

Active Ingredients: Natural fruit acids, lactic acid, aloe, cypress tea, tea tree, green tea, willow bark and apple extracts. 

How I use it: After cleansing my face. I apply the Peel Pad on dry, clean skin. Leave on for 2-5 mins, I usually wait 3 mins then rinse thoroughly with COOL water only. 

Next, I follow up with my Spirulina Toner to remove anything dead and unwanted before applying the clarifying pad all over my face, neck and decollete. I don't rinse this off and proceed with my Gratiae Eye Cream, serums and moisturisers.
For evenings, I normally stop at the eye cream because the Clarifying Pads leave a tacky feeling on my skin so I don't pile anymore stuff on my face. Suitable for daily use but I prefer to use it every 2 days instead.

This is how I look like when I wake up in the morning hahaha. Dull and weary. But right after using the Facial Peel and Clarifying Pads, my complexion feels more supple and looks brighter and more pinkish than sluggish! BTW, I am obsessed with the smell of the Peel Pads, almost like preserved orange peel... SOOO YUMMY! The Clarifying Pads have a heavier herb scent, so it's more uplifting! 

Overall: I can't say for sure that it will minimise wrinkles or fine lines BUT i can almost guarantee that your skin will look brighter, fairer and more luminous after every use. The wipe-on Peel Pads suffused with natural fruit acids, lactic acid and aloe is my favourite part of this kit as I can sense my skin tingling and the acids eating up all my dead skin haha. It feels a bit prickly though which gets to me sometimes but that only lasts for 3mins at most. Using the Peel Pad is going to dehydrate your skin so follow up with your toner and then the Clarifying Pad quickly to soothe and close up pores. 4.5/5


Every once or twice a week, I am committed to doing one of those deep cleansing/purifying masks before bed. It's an obligation to maintain and enhance the luminosity and elasticity of my skin and ladies, add this into your routine if you haven't already! I've never come across a detox mask but I'm guessing it works along the same lines as those purifying clay masks in the market. 

I learnt from my brilliant aesthetician that Phytocell Detox Mask is an effective, French-green-clay-based "detox" mask designed to draw out impurities, rejuvenate, soothe, brighten, fight free-radical damage and improve tone and texture. This can be used 1-3 times a week.

Active Ingredients: Kombucha, grade stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, green tea, white tea, hydrating complex with glucose and xylitol, food grade seaweed.

How I use it: Apply on clean skin and rinse off thoroughly after 10-15mins. If your skin feels dry, then follow up with a hydrating facial sheet mask like I do :) I don't use this more than twice a week.

Overall: Unlike most clay masks, this one feels more like mashed bananas when you slap it on hahaha. Green and mushy... doesn't sound appetising but smells quite citrus-y and super invigorating! Leaves my skin looking healthy and doesn't feel dry or stretched either. 4/5


Lip balms are a staple in my handbag and on my bedside table. I get dry, chapped lips easily especially the week nearing my period so I'll always have one with me wherever I am. Ever since I exhausted my ByTerry Baume De Rose, I've been using this religiously every night before I go to bed and use it to prep my lips whenever I need to put on makeup. 

This one from emerginC Scientific Organics is super nourishing, soothing and protects the lips with natural oils, waxes, vitamin E and powerful antioxidants. 

Active Ingredients: Astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, sweet almond oil, sweet orange peel wax, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E.

How I use it: I slather on a tiny amount (less than a grain size) onto lips and especially around the edges as a lip mask before bed.   

Overall: I like that this lip balm is more of a jelly texture but feels exactly like butter when I purse and rub my lips together. Has a subtle orange peel fragrance and anything with shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil is bound to be AWESOME! My lips tend to look dull sometimes so this one helps to soften and make my lips look healthier and pro-long use allows my lips to develop the faintest hint of colour on its own. 4/5

Btw, some of the products contain Grade Stem Cells and Kombucha and I thought I'd give you an idea of what these ingredients are/do. 

Grape Stem Cells - helps maintain and repair the self-renewing process of skin stem cells, which is important for fighting free-radical damage and maintaining a youthful appearance. 

Kombucha - a fermented tea that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation and irritation of the skin when applied topically.

Finding truly natural, non toxic personal care products can be a difficult task but I'm grateful my aesthetician, Ginny bestowed me with emerginC Scientific Organics's line of clean, effective products. 

On the whole, I enjoyed this range of products very much especially pampering ones like the Phytocell Detox Mask and Facial Peel + Clarifying Kit. These 2 and the Super Antioxidant Lip Balm are my favourites. I would reach out for these the most as I do see more visible results at combating my skin issues. 

As for the Kombucha Cleanser, I think it's not bad, you can try it out at their counters to have a feel the consistency and effectiveness. Chances are, I may not purchase the Spirulina Toner just because I find them slightly redundant haha, I may be wrong but whatever! I'll try them without after i completely deplete this and if my complexion cocks up, then I'll buy lor hahaha.

Where you can find these products:

Takashimaya Shopping Centre Level B1 (Near towels section) 
❤  M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care
9 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228210
Tel: 6733 6742

That's about all I have for today, if you haven't heard of emerginC and their other range of products, you can click here (Website) and here (Facebook)!

Thanks for reading, have a smashing Black Friday!



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