Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Yay! It's another Majolica Majorca x Ma Chérie press launch, and this time, Majolica Majorca unveiled its winter collection, Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’, together with its final 10th anniversary limited edition compact palette, ‘The Little Humming Book IV’; while Ma Chérie introduced its  limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ at the Shiseido Beauty Studio!

I was stoked cos' I've always loved my mascaras and eyeshadow palettes from MJ so i was really excited about their new collection! Also, i knew Alene and Anna were gonna be there at the launch and it's been some time since I've met up with both of them so i was glad we could finally catch up!

Visually enticing product displays were spotted at several corners of the studio.

Shortly after we arrived, we sat through a short presentation of Majolica Majorca's latest collection: Chapter 39 titled," Pure Play" which consists of bold, rich tones to accentuate the feminine eyes and lip features as well as makeup to create a pure and natural finishing.

The Brand Exec also gave a quick introduction to Ma Cherie's limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ which was included in my goodie bag! =D

While most of the girls scurried away to play games around the showroom, i was engrossed in deep conversations with familiar faces and only managed to take some photos whenever i had to leave one. Time just whizzed past, i wished i had more time to catch up with everyone! And i only managed to play one game at the "Winter Floral Shoot" station which i really sucked at! XD

Managed to grab a few familiar faces for some photos!

With Hazel :) The last time we met was at a friend's place gambling our angpao money away during Chinese New Year!


 Lovely Chloe and Melvin from DSPG! Awesome young chap!

Though the saddest part was having to leave the party BUT, we got to bag home lovely goodies from the media preview! Wee! Everyone probably received different products so here's what I've got: 

Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 & Rouge Majex in RD311 Poisonous Apple

This Christmas, it's all about shimmery glammed-up lips and RD311 Poisonous Apple is the choice lip gloss for this season's festive look! The Rouge Majex contains 70% of ingredients that are moisturising for your lips and also comes in the shade RD412 Pure Apple, a vibrant red creme gloss. 

I'd suggest layering Poisonous Apple over a bright red lipstick for a longer lasting, stardust-like effect!

Next in the bag, the Last Expander Edge Meister 17. I've never tried a pink, purple, brown-coloured mascara, let alone a glittery blue one! So i was really excited to try this product on my lashes! 

I've been using Majolica's mascaras consistently over the past 3 years and what i love most about it is that it almost never smudges! I have oily-combination skin so my eyelids tend to oxidise very quickly but their waterproof mascaras usually last throughout the night and barely transfers onto my undereye! 

Also love their signature duo comb to help me reach my incredibly short lashes! For some reason, my eyelashes would almost never stay curled for long so I'd always use the secondary comb to reach the roots and comb through fine lashes.

Complete collection of products also include The Little Humming Book IV (limited edition eyeshadow palette), The Majoromantica P (fragrance) and The Meltysnow Hand Cream!

Majolica Majorca's 'Pure Play' is sold exclusively at selected Watsons stores from 7 November 2013 onwards. 

Of cos, how can we forget Ma Chérie’s limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’
It not only prevents and eliminates odours, it also hydrates hair cuticles. Adding on to its distinct romantic floral and fruity bouquet, this hair fragrance embodies the scent of the Ma Chérie's winter flower with green apple, red apple, pear, lychee top notes; and davana and rose for middle notes.

This is a sweet scent, very feminine and youthful. I spritzed this all over my tresses for a quick fix whenever i leave my hair unwashed for more than a day. Not to mention, Singaporeans like myself always eat out and have to waft through hawker centres to buy food. This floral spritz-on comes in handy to ward off the stench of greasy hawker food and leaves my hair with a delicious, saccharine fragrance!

Ma Chérie
's Winter Floral Hair Fragrance will be out in Watsons stores island-wide this December 5th!

Thanks for reading, and good night!


  1. Hello Gwen, I enjoyed looking at the pictures! I'm sure Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie products will become in-demand, have you tried the lash expander? I'm just curious, how do you find it? Will be waiting for your next review :-)

  2. The bottle of Ma Chérie's Winter Floral Hair Fragrance looks so pretty and so are the names! "Poisonous Apple" hahaha

  3. Ooh! The products look really pretty! I know my nieces will appreciate the Hair Fragrance especially after their PE lessons :)

  4. I'll check out this brand when I do my Christmas shopping for my colleagues and cousins! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. How I love the names of these products! Must be the funnest job ever, to create such names! :) Looks like I'll be looking at Ma Cherie when I need to get new lipstick

  6. nice colours that u have been given it easy to remove??

  7. Ah... now when I need to get a nice gift for a lady, I know which blog to refer to. Your photos make me feel like I could smell the products fragrance.. really.

  8. Cool! Will check out the products at Watsons next mth. :) Especially the Hair Fragrance

  9. Forbidden Beauty?
    I am impressed with the range of beauty care products for the ladies.
    Somehow, I suspect my little girl (4) is already trying to pickup makeup.

    Cheers, Andy

  10. I'm so out of it - this is the first time I've heard of hair fragrance! :) But it actually sounds like a good idea. All those times walking out of a poorly ventilated food joint with my hair smelling of food with be a thing of the past! I must check it out.