Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to start the festive season than to shop for loved ones?
This Christmas, Clinique has made it super easy to be generous, all at a great value for everyone on your list!

Stick around as i unveil Clinique's Holiday Travel Gifts for every climate, dry, wet, wintery or summer! 

Of cos', what Christmas would it be if not for a garden-themed party at the Clinique Head Office! 
I must thank lovely lady Alene for inviting me along for this special event :)

The office patio was bedecked in greenery, ribbons, festal displays, and colourful balloons to denote vibrance and a festive season!  We were then treated to an incredible spread before a short briefing and a lucky draw! 

Photos with new friends and familiar faces!

I'm sure you're expecting more than just pictures so without further delay, here's the list of Clinique Holiday Gift Sets you can be expecting and purchase at their counters island wide!

Now you can shop travel gifts for family and friends according to the climates they are in! Clinique has ingeniously classified and expertly created the perfect gift, so you don't have to fuss and panic over what to get loved ones anymore :)

Selections for a Wet Winter 

My pick would be the Great Skin Home & Away Set ($160) with all its damp and cold climate essentials! It comes with a non-drying Liquid Facial Soap to keep skin clean and fresh, a Clarifying Lotion and a Moisturizing Lotion to maintain your skin's optimal moisture balance. These are essentially 2 similar sets in their regular sized bottles as well as mini sizes for when you travel!

Selections for Dry Winter

The Chubby Kissy Collection ($52) would be an ideal choice for lippy lovers in a Dry and Cold Climate! The Chubby Sticks come in 2 yummy flavours, Whopping Watermelon and Super Strawberry! And for a bit more, you get their Superbalm and a Lash Power Mini Mascara, plus an ultra-chic silver pouch to stash all your make-up in! 

Btw, i love their Chubby Sticks, they are super pigmented and moisturising! The darker colours may feather around the edges of the lips so try to avoid applying beyond your lip line. Other than that, i think their colours are gorgeous and they are pretty long-lasting on lips and cheeks (4-6hrs)!

Selections for Wet Summer

In a Humid and Warm Climate like Singapore, India, Bali, West Africa, Maldives and even Brazil, I'd definitely recommend the Even Better Clinical Set ($143) for own use or for friends and family travelling to such countries. 

Nothing is more important than protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and keeping it clean and hydrated all day long. This set includes the Even Better Dark Spot Corrector, a Cleansing Balm, City Block Anti Pollution (Sunscreen with SPF40/PA+++), a De-Puffing Eye Massage Serum and a light, cream/gel Moisturiser to plump skin with hydration for a full 24 hours! 

Really an extensive range for just $143, if you've been using these Clinique products religiously, then this set would be most suitable for you :)

Selections for Dry Summer

If you're wrecking your brains thinking of what to get for that special someone this Christmas, look no further! Surprise your guy with this Happy for Him Set ($82) which includes a Cologne Spray with a crisp, citrus blend, balanced with the evocative scent of sea air and light wood notes. 

He's gonna be REALLY "Happy for Him(self)" when you won't be able to keep your paws off him after he leaves the shower smelling and looking irresistible with the After Shave Balm hahaha.

Wait, there's more Happy Holiday Treats from Clinique!

Hee, hope I've given you some brilliant gift ideas for Christmas this year! Here's a photo to end my happy post :)

Thank you Clinique and their team of lovely ladies for hosting me at their wonderful early Christmas celebration! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as i did writing it! 

Lots of love, and good night!


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