Monday, 25 November 2013


I had the privilege of attending Repetto's first fragrance launch at Vivocity Sephora last weekend! Imagine me, I was literally prancing and gyrating around the room when Kiki sent me the e-invite. I was ecstatic! 

I've always noticed this brand at Sephora but I don't know why, I just never took the extra step to take a closer look, perhaps it's the fact that it evokes some kind of feeling of foreign-ness and familiarity all at the same time, or it could be all the good memories I had banished as a young ballerina.

A secret I never really told anyone is one of the biggest regrets in my life. My mom sent me for ballet lessons when i was 5 and one day, i was being a brat and totally gave up on ballet after Grade 6. It's one of those stupid choices you make when you're young and naive and would not even remotely consider or dwell about until later in life. 

I still remember my coach's name til this day, Ms Sandra Wong. I wonder if it's still possible to find her, now that we have Facebook and the internet. Haha well, she gave me one of my best memories as a child, and i will never forget how she looks, and speaks, ever so gentle and graceful.

My coach used to LOVE me...AND HATE ME hahaha cos' i was soooo mischievous and rebellious, and that, til' today, i still am lol. Can't suppress this trait, wouldn't do it even if i could, keeps me young!! Ballet was probably my only saving grace, it made me sit the way i sit today (everyone tells me it's too damn straight), made me poised and graceful (mostly only when it's necessary), a very anal perfectionist but mostly, years of dancing and countless lessons has shaped me as an adolescent, is a part of my past, and still a part of who I am. I just never really told anyone. Lol. 

Writing about this is actually making me choke up, I've been wanting to pick up ballet again but just never had the balls to do it and I'm sure I disappointed my Mom the most when i decided to give it up. And she let me, didn't stop me and i guess this is why I've always felt so guilty. She lets me do whatever I want, whenever I want it, and give me whatever i needed to do what i wanted. I was young and stupid and never realised how much she gave up for me. *love you mummy*

*Cough cough*, well, don't know why but i felt compelled to pen that down, it really stirred up alot of emotions i never knew i had. I guess as I'm writing this, there are thoughts and feelings that have re-surfaced and you.. are re-discovering them with me :)

Anyway, today's isn't about me, well it kinda is, judging from how much I've been loving and wearing this scent all November since i got it! It really is kinda apt, and all coincidental now that i think of it.

 Anyway it doesn't matter how regrettable or sorry i feel about my silly decision cos' I am just ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this scent! Why?? 

Well.. why not?! This musky, powdered rose, quintessence of femininity by Olivier Polge (he's made some of my favourite fragrances, and more, for Burberry, Bvlgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, Kenzo Viktor& Rolf, just to name a few), is composed of my favourite elements, namely Rose, Vanilla, Amber Wood and Pear!

During the media launch, i couldn't really figure out how the fragrance really smelt like because its last note has yet to settle on my body and its scent is very much like Rose, and less Pear and seemed a little overwhelming initially, probably because everyone was spritzing it on each other and everywhere else! 

My curiosity peaked when i left the bottle of perfume in my study room one night, and when i walked in the next morning, the entire room smelt like... my Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia fragrance. I was initially a little confused wondering where the scent came from, i thought it was one of the new candles that i had just purchased but lo and behold, it was Repetto that had left its trail of Amber Wood and Vanilla Pod in my room.  

Rose is the fragrance's spine, rolling over the skin like a satin ribbon. Pear and Cherry Blossom introduces honey sweetness and is enveloped with Vanilla Pod and the warmth of the Amber wood to create a tender, delicate, refined perfume.

Of cos', most importantly, I love the inspiration behind Repetto's first fragrance. For more than 65 years, Repetto has been taking its inspiration from exceptional women who achieve the impossible on a daily basis. From principal dancers who defy gravity to young prodigies full of hope, they inspire the dreams of little girls as much as they nourish the search for perfection for older ones. An elegant and evocative perfume that opens a new chapter in its history, and one that respects these values.

Some day, I will pick up this ballet again, no matter how stark my ribcage is going to look inside my leotard or how crooked my toes shall become. I oughta find photos of my 10 year-old ballerina self. That'll be one hell of a road down memory lane, one i would love to share with you here :)

Thank you Repetto for the generous gift and a heartfelt thank you to Kiki, Jiamin and the lovely team from Luxasia for the warm reception and introduction at the enchanting media launch.  Lastly, what would an event be without some photos with the ladies? 

A work of pink, frosted glass, weighted with an elegant drop pendant.

 Invited Alene to join me at the launch, it's a first for us as much as it is for Repetto!

 With the pretty model who just had her hair braided and tied up in a sleek, modern bun.

With tall and gracious Jiamin!

Group shot with all our new elegant up-dos! 

Repetto is available as 30ml ($65), 50ml ($100) and 80ml ($135) EDT at all Sephora stores and the Repetto Boutique at ION Orchard

My very own Repetto

Good night angels


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