Tuesday, 3 December 2013



Just a little announcement to make.. I will be going on a short trip to Bali next February 12! YAY!

I know it's wayyyy too early to tell you this now but, I'm uber excited because I've never been there and the next best thing is.. You guys can all join me on this trip!!! Muahaha! Now how cool does that sound?

To be honest, it's been almost 20 years since I went on a tour group, I was 6 then and my Mom brought me along to Japan and Korea with all of my aunts and I can still faintly recall some of the best memories over there. For instance.. Meeting a handsome young Korean tour assistant who piggy-backed me up the snowy mountains and brought me candies in the mornings when we convened before moving out. HAHAHA I was the envy of all the young moms and old aunties! Who's gonna piggyback me now :(

Ever since then, I never had the opportunity to go on another tour  again so imagine my mirthful look when I found out that I am going on a 5D4N Bali Trip c/o WorldTravel! Wee!!

I've never been one who would do much homework on where to shop, what to eat, how to go places cos' I always rely on friend's or their recommendations and most of the time, I'm just very lazy lor. Hahaha. I will usually have awesome friends who'd suggest an itinerary or if I'm really lucky, friends from overseas will be able to bring me out when I travel there. But what if I, or maybe even you, don't have friends in a foreign place to bring you to try authentic local food and cool places?

Well, this is the cool part! WorldTravel has one of the most affordable and exciting Youth Travel Packages and they've sussed out the best airfares, accommodations, activities, all for just ONE price!

Also, I love that I'll have the opportunity to meet new friends who's going to embark on a whole-new adventure with me on unfamiliar terrain! So why not sign up and come with me to Bali! I promise it'll be fun! Especially if you are looking for a romantic escape with your other half, this is THE place to be!

I always haven't got a clue how I'm flying, where I'll be going and what kind of food I should be expecting when I'm travelling overseas but this time, WorldTravel got me all covered! And you can expect these when you sign up with them:

  • Full-service Airline via SQ/KLM ✔
    (includes in-flight meals/entertainment + 20kg check-in luggage)
  • Safe & Clean Accommodations ✔
    (includes WI-FI)
  • Exciting & Unique Itinerary ✔
  • Yummy Local Meals during Excursions ✔
    ( A big-must for me cos' my tummy needs her food XD)
  • 24hr Tour Manager Assistance ✔

Here's the full tour itinerary for you inquisitive peeps!

And I've kept the best bit for last =D

Get your friends to join you (and me!) on this exhilarating trip and get a huge group discount altogether!

Promise it'll be fun, because, I'M GONNA BE AROUND! Hahaha XD
Anyway if you're considering to sign up, REMEMBER to quote my name "GWENYUMMY" for a $50 discount! ❤ ❤ ❤

Tour Enquiries / Booking
24 Hours SMS Enquiry
+65 8245 6838
To find out more about WorldTravel, visit their Website & Facebook Page here!


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