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Is everyone getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Cos' I AM!!!! I've been spamming Christmas songs in the car whenever I drive and even when I'm home doing work, all I play are Christmas songs from Disney.. or Michael Buble.. Frank Sinatra.. hahaha WHY DOESN'T IT SNOW IN SINGAPORE! Though I'm not hating that fact the it doesn't since I personally LOATHE cold weather but having snow once a month in Singapore wouldn't hurt, would it?

Anyway, I was at Marks & Spencer several times this month and it gets really festive there during Christmas period and it's all spruced up with cheery holiday colours and decorations and everything's so beautifully packaged and arranged onto the shelves! I just want to be inside and never come out!

Of cos' the section which I frequent the most, no matter what time of year it is, is ALWAYS the FOOD HALL!! Weee!

So I thought I'd share some of my favourite sweets and candies with you, just in case you haven't discovered them already! If you're in a mall where there's M&S, you can go buy em' for yourselves, or.. for loved ones! Cos' shopping feels so much better when it's for the people you love! =D


I reach out for these gummy piggies almost every time I'm at Marks & Spencer! So soft and chewy! Gets really addictive and you won't stop at one. I also love the 2 different types of gummies, I can't decided which one I like better, the pink opaque one or the red one cos' they both taste different! Also, there's no artificial colours or flavourings! YUMMY!


These chocolates are extra delightful this Christmas season because they are uber sweet and chocolately! Almost gave me a toothache whenever I bite into the chocolate! Haha, it has a sticky, gooey caramel filling inside that kinda sticks to your teeth if you decide to chew on it. Super sinful but I like it.


One of my favourite melt-in-the-mouth treats are these milk chocolates with a soft caramel centre that literally oozes into your mouth when you bite into em'. OH-MY-GOD? BEST COMBINATION EVER?! If you LOVE chocolate AND caramel, then you'll LOVE these sweet confections.


Last but not least.. I received some incredibly mouth-watering chocolates at the MyLifeInc media launch the other day, and I couldn't stop chomping on these organic chocolate bars! I've never been a huge fan of chocolate bars but I'm literally obsessing over these high-quality chocolates, I can eat one whole bar on my own at one go, and that's pretty scary, to me at least..

I wasn't aware of organic chocolates til' now and honestly, I cannot differentiate or tell an organic chocolate apart from commercial ones but somehow, the Seed & Bean ones don't leave me feeling very heaty or sick after over-indulging in em'.

I love the Rich Milk Chocolate one but I favour the Tangerine one even more because it's slightly different and there's a subtle hint of Tangerine in it which i find very pleasant and slightly invigorating. Also, I googled them (LOL) and learnt that they are UK's highest rated chocolate brand, well, that must count for something right?

I gave the Extra Dark Chocolate bar to M because I'm not a fan of bittersweet stuff! Lol, I know I'm super lousy and can't appreciate the "finer" things, and that's why I never liked alcohol, coffee or even bittersweet durians XD But it's okay, like that I save myself from burning a bigger pocket!

Oh and if you're wondering, you can get order these delectable chocolatey bars from MyLifeInc, which is a new e-retailer that brings you an exclusive range of products including Healthy Tea/Food, Personal/Baby/Pet Care and even Lifestyle Gifts! It's like a one-stop station for everything healthy, meaningful AND functional! Will be sharing more on this company and their healthy products on this space soon!

Anyway, hope this post gave you some fresh ideas if you're looking for toothsome candies to coax a little one or perhaps, or your girlfriend :)

Good night and I'll be back soon with my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide blog post and Youtube video soon!


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  1. *salivates* oh man, I need chocolate now! I don't care what type as long as it's CHOCOLATE!