Sunday, 29 December 2013


Some time before Christmas, I attended the my LIFE INC. inaugural event with M at the Eu Yan Seng building in Paya Lebar!

my LIFE INC. is a subsidiary of Eu Yan Seng International, a leading healthcare and wellness company in Asia. You've most likely seen their retail stores in your local malls and even patronised at an Eu Yan Seng outlet for your healthcare needs!

So it may come to no surprise that they should also launch their own healthy lifestyle e-portal offering exclusive brands curated from around the world! I was extremely eager and curious about the choice of brands they've acquired as we were introduced to the curators and health experts at the my LIFE INC. event. 

Each guest were given name tags and an itinerary which included a map to the different concept rooms. There was also a list of featured activities and challenges that we could participate in for a shot at winning the grand prize at the end of the event!

Come! Have a peek through my eyes as I journey into a virtual experience at my LIFE INC. :)

First stop at the Innovation Room, I had the opportunity to speak to Jessica, a curator and health expert at my LIFE INC. as she educated me on the various types of exciting lifestyle accessories!

I adore these cute and innovative kitchenware! They'd definitely make chores feel less tedious and dreary!

Remember these SleepPhones? I featured them in my Christmas Gift Guide for Her video! Love the sheep plushie!

They even have a line of Pet Care products that are natural and gentle for your furry ones :)

 After the friendly introduction with Jessica, more guests arrived and we put to a Chimpsticks Competition, testing our chopstick skills by competing with friends and fellow guests in this marble-picking game! Winner with faster time stand the chance to win fabulous prizes!!
 Well.. I was OBVIOUSLY the sloweeeeessstttttt participant, DUH? Everyone had long finished picking their marbles while I was still struggling to steady my hand and start on my marbles. I made such a mess and all the marbles tripped and flipped all over hahaha XD 

It was kinda embarrassing but thankfully, no one was really looking cos' they've all left and moved on to their next check point! lol

Moving on to the Inspiration Room, I was inspired by their cool baby gadgets and delighted by their super supplements that are both ingenious and thoughtful. I especially love the range of Sprayology tonics and Cherub Baby NatriBottle!

The Cherub Baby Color Change NatriBottle are high-tempered borosilicate glass bottles that are safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA Free. They also come with removable silicone sleeves that change color and turn white when the liquid inside reaches 42 degrees Celsius or above. 

What a clever idea that serves as a cautionary measure for mothers and especially for your baby, so you'll never have to make bothersome fluid temperature tests on the back of your hands!

I'll definitely be getting this one for baby Oli on her first birthday! Which is coming up real soon!

On to the Quality Room, which is by no surprise my favourite room because they consist of ALL their beauty brands!! YAY! 

I love all their Personal Care products and they even have Gentlemen's Tonic, a Men's Care line sold exclusively at my LIFE INC.

Helping to rate the products by their presentation and fragrances by labelling them with smiley stickers! :)

Not missing a chance to schedule some quality 1-on-1 time with one of their product Gurus!

Got to meet my gracious sponsor, Huiqi! Speaking of which, is the girlfriend of one of my oldest friend's younger brother. How crazy is that?! heh..

ALAS! We made it to our last stop at The Food Lounge where M & I finally joined the rest of the guests and were greeted with a scrumptious spread of tasty snacks, paired with their signature TEAISM tea refreshments!

You may not know but I am a huge TEA addict. Chamomile and the Emperor's Long Jing teas are by far my favourite choices of tea. As much of a tea enthusiast as I am, there are just days when I'm too lazy to brew my tea leaves and I just wanna dip my satchet and get to the drinking it. 

So when I discovered this little tray of tea refreshments, I got very excited because they looked very compact and convenient! I've already finished a box of Brew Restore (Oosmanthus Oolong) as we speak and they are so so good! Delicious, healthy, and quick, these tea wands are super ideal for busy people who want fuss-free tea in the office!

I like them so much that I've also introduced this in my Christmas Gift Guide so definitely check out TEAISM if you appreciate an easier way of drinking healthy tea!

Also, I'm not usually a chocolate junkie, but I picked one of the milky bars up anyway just to try. O-M-G....... It was love at first bite!?!? I couldn't stop popping chocolate to my mouth since though I only relished eating the milk chocolates, I'm not a dark cocoa person but the flavours were freaking yummy, especially the Tangerine flavoured ones! Oh man.. wished I had more of that, only had one bar in my goodie bag and I ripped it open right after I got home XD 

I'm gonna get these for my birthday, and Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! Chocolates are an aphrodiasiac and they make you happy! 

Best of all, these Seed & Bean chocolate bars use only wholesome ingredients like sunflower and pumpkin plus other essential oil based ingredients combined with organic (and often, fair-trade) cocoa so they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans who have been dying to indulge in good quality chocolates!!

And lastly, it was time for some prizes =D Which got me all fired up and jumpy, as Monica, Co-Founder of my LIFE INC. revealed the winners for the featured activities!

Of cos' I couldn't win anything because I failed so terribly at all the stations hahaha but.. I won a Brew Tea Starter Kit during the lucky draw! LIKE YES LA!?!? hahahaha! I get to try all the different teas in the starter kit and a special tumblr so I can enjoy my tea on-the-go!

However, all good things must come to an end, I wasn't prepared to leave and even though I had to rush off to another event, I decided to stay on til' the end because I was having so much fun, testing new products, eating tons of candy whilst making new friends! Had to skip a free therapeutic massage at the spa though, boo..

Before I reluctantly parted ways with fellow guests and new friends, we managed to snap some photos for keepsake!

I wanna thank my LIFE INC. and especially to Monica, for playing an excellent host to us, the staff were incredibly gracious and amorous and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!! Thank you also for the generous goodie bags that M & I received, we were literally going "ooohhss and aahhhs" when we opened them up at home. 

And honestly, I got very curious about the prices they are charging for these quality brands and products that are available on my LIFE INC. so I checked out the website and.. to my pleasant surprise, their stuff are actually mostly, really really affordable!! 

Don't believe me? Scroll down and see for yourself!


I am awed by their modest price tags for their extremely good quality products! It is really a taste of life's finest with a fraction of the prices you'd normally pay at major retail stores. AND, we get to shop at the comforts of our own home without having to move an inch! Perfect for busy people and happy homebodies!

You can make payment via Paypal and there's a free delivery for orders above $50

Now, you'll never have to worry about last minute shopping when you have my LIFE INC.!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did attending it and taking pictures for you!
Have yourself a great weekend and remember to take good care of your health! Drink lots of water and get tons of rest! 

Good night! 



  1. My Life Inc. looks like a really catchy name and their product is unique and can really draw. You also look so pretty in your outfit for the launch.

  2. My Life Inc has a good product collection. Really fits ones lifestyle. Hurray for the products for our furry companions.

  3. So pretty and I love the product collection of My Life inc!

  4. you remind me of You two look alike.. pretty and got the sweetest natural smile ever.

    1. That's an awfully flattering compliment! Thank you so much dear! :)