Sunday, 1 December 2013


Took a trip down to Sephora some time back with a girlfriend to replenish on my bath essentials. Met a new friend, Jowey who works there and brought us to their new Tarte counter! WOOOHOO!! I was squealing like a fangirl when i saw the extensive array of brand new Tarte cosmetics! 

I've read and heard so many good things about Tarte on blogs and Youtube for 2 years now so I really wanted to try them for myself. BTW, Tarte is a cruelty-free cosmetics line and all of their products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten which makes it ideal for you if you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation or infection. So even though I already have everything I need to make up my face, I just couldn't resist getting more lippies!

I was glancing through but noticed that the lipsticks were not on display yet cos they JUST arrived in stores so the staff were still arranging the products. I decided on the Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Tints eventually since matte is my favourite finish and they come in such a cute and functional stick! Reminds me of Fisher-Price crayons from when I was little!

I picked out these 2 colours, "Fiery" cos I wanted to get a deep red tone and Jowey suggested that I tried a sweet, feminine pink shade "Lucky".

GF and Jowey both preferred "Lucky" hahaha but I was infatuated with the blue-based red and since I couldn't make up my mind, I got em' both lol.

Colours: "Lucky" is a soft, baby doll pink that would look great on a black, smokey eye.

"Fiery" on the other hand is a seductive blue-based red that would warm up fair skin tones and add sophistication to a clean, natural look. 

You can also layer on a ruby-red glittery gloss ("Majolica Majorca "Poison Apple") for a stunning Christmas Party look!

Texture: Feels the least drying compared to most of the matte lipsticks/lacquers that I've tried but I would still prep and coat a starter layer of lip balm before applying the lip tint.  My lips don't feel stretch or crack when I put on a big wide smile so double brownie points for this product! 4.5/5

Coverage: Very opaque. Build-able coverage. I use my finger to dab my lips after applying the product to soften any harsh lines. 4/5

Wearability: Able to last as long as 6 -8 hours without re-application if your lips are left untouched. "Fiery" leaves a substantial amount of stain even after meals.  4/5

Packaging: Chubby mechanical-style crayola makes it so easy to stash away in handbags! It also has a silicone-treated exterior which i find rather unique.  4/5

Value: At SGD36, I find this product on the high side of the lippies scale but there are so many things I like about it. For instance, I feel so much at ease when I apply or even "eat" my own lipstick knowing that the products don't contain any harsh, unnecessary chemicals that will harm my body in the long run. 3.8/5

Overall: I never had lip tints quite like these, they taste and smell of zingy mentos! Yummy! Other than their superior formulas, I love that these jumbo lip pencils don't leave my lips chapped and parched after 6-8hrs of long-lasting wear. 

Also, unlike many lipsticks/stains, the Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Tints don't bleed or feather along the edges which can look extremely unsightly and displeasing to the eyes!  4.2/5

Here's a photo of me without any lip colour, looking very much like the Death Prophet haha. 




Which look do you prefer and which colour would try? "Lucky" or "Fiery"?

If you're torn between these 2 colours, you can always have the best of both by doing an ombre lip!

Step 1: Apply "Lucky" generously over entire lip.
Step 2: Apply "Fiery" in the centre of your top and bottom lips and blend out with finger for a soft, subtle hue.

Tarte cosmetics is available at all Sephora stores islandwide.

Hope the ladies had fun reading this post! 

Good night and have a happy Sunday! :)



  1. I have to agree with you!!
    The fiery looks so gorgeous!!

  2. "Lucky" looks so sweet on you :)

    cheers, Andy

  3. wow.. I love those color shades.. and it perfectly blends to you well.

  4. Oh wow, they look great on you! I'm not really a fashionable type and don't use any lipstick, ever... so I was wondering, is it really good to use lipstick? I always have the believe that it makes my lips more dry and have to put more and more on my lips (to keep it from drying out) so in the end my lips cannot live a day without lipstick anymore... or is that just in my head? ;-) Great photos btw!

  5. Lucky and Fiery are both nice on you for the right occasion :D

  6. Which look do you prefer and which colour would try? I love Lucky on you but it would look awful on on me. Pale pinks + pigmented lips = a horrid combination! Fiery is much more me! Btw, have you tried lip tints/crayons from any other brands besides Tarte?

  7. Both colours looks great and suitable for different occasion. Personally, I prefer the Lucky sweet pink. Looks really good on you too :)

  8. omg I keep laughing when i see those giant lips. I personally like the lucky color more!

  9. Wow, I love both colors - fiery and lucky! It's for different moods and occasions! I'll look for Tarte in my area so I may but one! :)

  10. I sooo loveee both colours!!!
    You can wear them in different occasions. Great review!
    I love walking in Sephora and trying out cosmetic products. I have seen this but I haven't really tried but now that I've seen you wear it, Imma try it!

  11. I love the dolly pink! It look so sweet and definitely look great for any occasion.

  12. I'm personally a gloss girl but those colours really look gorgeous on you! Makes me feel tempted to try this out!

  13. i love tarte products.. the colour of the l/s suits to your makeup :)

  14. Definitely prefer Lucky. Looks good on you and can pass off as a Korean superstar. :D

  15. You look stunning in both shades! I want to try out reds.