Friday, 3 January 2014

HELLO 2014!

I don't believe it. It's 2014. And you know, I REALLY HONESTLY wanted to put up a post on New Year's Day but! I had a last minute engagement, which was a rather odd favour for a long-time girlfriend, but it turned out to be the most unexpected start to my new year! :)

Was gonna do my resolutions entry on the 1st but since that was perpetually impossible, since I've been bombarded at my new job, I thought I'd quickly post some photos and update you a little on how I spent my NYE and 2014 New Year's Day. hee

Well, spent the first half of my NYE slogging away, as I'm currently working on a new project/roadshow that's taking place at ION Orchard today! Head over to the Atrium at Basement 4 if you're in the area from 3 - 6th Jan! 

So yeah, that and I had a bbq at home, though I crashed out at 9pm cos' I was ready to drop anytime. Lol I managed to wake myself up at 11pm to celebrate the New Year with friends who'd already fed and stuffed themselves with pork bellies and satays. We watched New Year Countdowns together and my brother bought us an "awfully" chocolate cake to mark this "momentous" evening hahaha.

New Year was spent with friends who came over for brunch. I made my signature steak, though I must I was very flustered when they arrived at 12pm cos' I only slept at 5am and had to run out to the grocery store to get fresh ingredients for our sides. I'm really relieved I didn't kill both my best friends on the first day of the new year XD

After they left, I caught on with friends on Steam playing dota2,  watched live streams of the WPC-ACE Finals of IG VS DK! It was soooooo exciting! Very happy for DK who won the finals and for fellow Singaporean/ex-clan mate iceiceice who had only recently just joined this China Professional Dota Team.

And the icing on the cake had to be the last minute text I got from a friend who had asked a very personal favour and after some communication over FB, I ended up at Wang Lee Hom's private, free concert at Fabrika. Hahaha, it really doesn't get any better than this! It was the best ending to my evening. Made new, awesome friends from a foreign place and the concert was phenomenal! 

I've never heard Lee Hom sing live and I must say, I'm really REALLY impressed! He sang many of my favourite english covers, and I lost myself in the beautiful lyrics and vocals. It was an intimate and exceptionally moving performance (of which I've made snippets of on my IG if you wanna check his live vocals out XD). 

Tom, his stylist even introduced me to him, and I was sooo frantic and shy that I forgot to thank him for the photo. T_T SO paiseh! I must've seem so rude... hopefully he doesn't remember me!! hahahaha

Night ended at RK Prata House! Brought my friend there for supper and he really liked the prata there! YAY! 

Will update this space again, but right now it's 3 in the morning and I gotta wake up at 7 for work.

Sorry if this seems like a rushed entry, but I really wanted to bring you guys up to date on what's happening these couple of days and also wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope your 2014 will be filled with love, light and good cheer!

Please be well, and I will see you guys soon! You can always find me on Facebook or Instagram if you rather not wait!

Here's a new-old song I discovered after attending Lee Hom's concert, a new favourite :)

I hope you enjoy it! Good night!

P.S.: Don't you think the female lead looks a lot like Ou Xuan!? Just sayin!


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