Tuesday, 14 January 2014



Sorry for the week long absence! I'd been away on a pre-birthday vacay to Bangkok and I left in quite a rush, hence, did not update my blog prior to leaving! Some of you may know if you've been following me on Facebook and Instagram

I miss blogging and I just wanted to bring you guys up to date the minute I reach home and get to my com. I know some of you have emailed me, and I will try to reply all my emails ASAP! :)

I didn't take as many photos as I'd like before I was thoroughly exhausted from a roadshow that I was working on and it only ended 1 day before I left for Bangkok. I spent my first 2 days fighting my fatigue and I was straining to keep my eyes open while shopping at Platinum Mall. I eventually gave up halfway and skipped walking the night market and tried retiring early but I had to finish some work so.. I ended up sleeping at 2am anyway! I also had a MAJOR acne/rash breakout on my face for the first 2 days, haha I'll explain why next time but ya, I looked really red and patchy, though I was worried cos' I kenna before hahaha and thankfully it cleared up by the 3rd day so the rest of the trip was still really enjoyable and I managed to bag home some awesome stuff home! Yay! 

Though I felt kinda beat up on our last evening when we got "denied access" to a strip club. HAHAHAH I really wanted to see la! It sounded so happening and it took us 3 different cabs to get to the club before we found out that they were closed for the night! MAJOR FAIL lol T_T

Anyway, I'll be posting up a new entry tmr so check back again in the evening! Also, I'll be filming a BKK Shopping Haul video that will be up by next weekend so you can look forward to that! Hee.. I can't wait to settle in and start planning and filming this video for you! 

Right now, I have to crash but I've #vscocam-ed some photos on the plane so I could upload it here! Didn't post most of these on my instagram so you're the first to see it here! 

Hope you guys enjoy it, good night!


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