Saturday, 18 January 2014


Last December, Tsubaki unveils it's Out-of-Bath series for the first time in Singapore at an exclusive media preview held at Butter Studio! It was my first Tsubaki event so I was immensely excited to find out what they had installed for us that evening!

Received a BIG, warm greeting from Mae when I arrived! hee 

 It's also my first time at the Butter Studio and the cafe is tucked away in the suburban area in Jalan Besar. The place was quaint and intimate and smelt of freshly baked fruit cakes and christmas cookies.
 Anna arrived early!
 Whilst Alene reached slightly after me, we both rushed down from work! Though we missed the presentation, we came in just in time for refreshments hahaha XD

 The new Senka Speedy Perfect Whip and its preceding cleanser range!

But I was here for these! Developed using the latest technology, the Tsubaki Out-of-Bath series will be introduced to complement the existing In-Bath series, as well as to provide the complete suite of hair care for Asian women.

I've used their Shining Shampoo & Conditioner previously and I love that the Conditioner melts like butter into my hair, leaving it super soft and smooth when I rinse it off.

 A candid shot of pretty Anna, she looks so happy!

Finally, after chatting up with my favourite people and stuffing myself with cake, I plunged into my first game while Alene gets a pampering hair treat by Tsubaki's hair stylist!

I've already had my hair washed and blown at Next Salon before heading here so I'll just pose for the camera! =D

Happy snapshots with Elson & Melvin when everyone's gone!

 And my pretty girls, Anna & Alene before we part ways :(


Oh of cos', we all received our Tsubaki & Senka goodie bags which included:

1. Senka Speedy Whip (150ml, $13.90), a facial cleanser that instantly creates thick, creamy foam for deeper cleansing for all skin types.

2. Tsubaki Shining Hair Water (250ml, $16.90), a new addition to the Shining series, the Shining Hair Water instantly replenishes moisture and shine to the hair, making it silky smooth and lustrous. 

I spritz this generously all over my hair for UV protection against the sun during the day and it leaves a gorgeous fruity fragrance on my hair! I think this would be more effective when used with the Shining Conditioner as I feel this is more of a maintenance product that helps to lock in moisture without leaving hair greasy.

3.Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Emulsion (100ml, $16.90).

A leave-in treatment, the Damage Care Hair Emulsion encompasses a new highly penetrative boost formula where luxurious repair ingredients are blended with the penetrative essence for improved permeability. The ingredients penetrate deep into the core of each hair shaft to repair and restore suppleness and lustre from roots to tips without leaving any sticky residue.

I find this product most interesting as I usually use serums but this one has a gelatinous texture but doesn't feel oily or sticky. When applied, it seeps into my hair easily and helps repair damaged melanin caused by UV-rays/ chemical while keeping my ends moisturised. Overall, this is a good product to use if you already have quite healthy hair. As my hair is extremely dry and damaged, I feel that this is not strong enough for me even though I am absolutely in love with its alluring camellia fragrance.

All the items mentioned above (Senka Speedy Perfect Whip, TSUBAKI Damage Care Hair Emulsion, and Shining Hair Water) are available exclusively in Watsons stores from 6 February 2014 onwards.


  1. Love you style here! So refreshing to see a unique style, and you pull it off so well.

    1. hee thanks so much for your support always Travis!! <3