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Hi everyone! 

I'm back!! Thank you for being patient with me these past few weeks! Here are some photos that we took while in Chiang Mai and Pai!

Here's a short summary of a few exciting places we visited in Thailand~

*For my full-length articles on Pai and Chiang Mai, you can visit or  click here and here  to read it! :)


I've been to Thailand countless times but never to Chiang Mai or Pai so I was really ecstatic and looking forward to the trip with Bryan & the other bloggers! Also, it's my first time travelling on AirAsiaSG! Gotta say, so far, they're the best out of all the other airlines, hands down. 
The menu selection is way better than most and it feels like we're eating out of an authentic Thai restaurant!

Chiang Mai - 137 Pillars House

Love this luxurious boutique hotel for its old world elegance and colonial interiors. The surroundings and settings are tastefully done and service is impeccable. Definitely worth splurging SGD1300/night on the best suite on your honeymoon! Alternatively, you can opt for afternoon tea and enjoy the short-lived indulgence like we did lol.

Chiang Mai - Maesa Elephant Camp

This is a tourist attraction not to be missed! Especially if you enjoy being in the company of elephants and the like. These geniuses not only make you look bad at painting, soccer and darts, but they'd also impress you with their affable nature and witty humour by kissing you, hugging you and stealing bananas from you!

Chiang Mai - Art in Paradise 3D Museum
The 3D Art Museum is one full of thrill and surprising elements featuring illusionary artworks from 12 creative South Korean artists!

I had so much fun with Bryan and the girls exploring the gallery and posing for the cameras!

Chiang Mai - Night Safari

This ain't like any other night safaris in the world because you can get up close and personal with the wildlife here! It's pretty dope considering I got to hang out with white tigers, pat and feed giraffes and watch rhinos shit in the dark. An experience like no other. hahaha

Pai - Belle Villa

Welcome to my amazinggg villa in Pai! There aren't many hotels/resorts so if you wanna visit this stunning town, better book in advance! My villa (yes, that entire cottage was MINE!) has a spectacular 360° view of the nature from inside and it gets really cooling and misty in the early mornings and after dark! Though I was mostly freezing at 6am before we head out to our destinationcos' it can get as cold as 10°c, bbrrrrr!

Pai - Yunlai Viewpoint Mist of Sea

My first ever sunrise and what better way to spend this beautiful experience than with my new-found companions on this glorious mountain overlooking a sea of mist and the incredible city of Pai. 

Girl-band wannabes us~
Also took the opportunity to camwhore in a field of colourful flowers when the sun came up! 

Pai - Hot Springs, Huai Nam Dong National Park

Never knew hot springs existed in Thailand till now! It was the best decision we made to go that morning after the sunrise because the air was still chilly and soaking in the hot spring felt so comforting and therapeutic! You must visit this breath-taking site for its exquisite natural hot springs and curative waters!

Pai River - Bamboo Rafting 

Lastly, another thing ticked off my bucket list - Bamboo Rafting! 

One of the coolest things we did in Pai and since it was our first time river rafting, Bryan got really nervous and awkward when he got on the raft and broke my slipper HAHAHHA, I was soo stunned that the only way I could react was to laugh hysterically! Hahaha

Anyway, this is by far the best holiday I've gone on this year, I know, it's only March but WOW, going in with no expectations at all, Thailand really blew me away with its immaculate sights, beautiful food and culture and insanely talented and passionate people. 

(LOTSA LOVE to my awesome friend and travel companion BRYAN CHOO from!)

Thank you so much to AirAsiaSG for flying us there and Tourism of Thailand for hosting us throughout these 5 days. It has been an amazing adventure, and an unforgettable one! Looking forward to discover more cities in Thailand and I hope you enjoyed this post today! 


Oh and just one more thing! 

I'm so excited to tell you guys that I have my own official WeChat account that I've been wanting to share since Feb! 

Sometimes, emails or comments might take awhile to reach me and I apologise for that as I may have miss it or could be too busy to check my email but it'd be impossible not to check my hp since it's always with me so it's really much faster and more convenient to text me over WeChat! 

You'll be also be able to receive new updates from me regularly and I promise to reply you as soon as I read your messages! 

All you have to do download WeChat, or if you are already using it, even better! Just go to DISCOVER ---> and SCAN QR CODE (below) and FOLLOW ME! That easy! :)

Alternatively, you can go to CONTACTS ---> SUBSCRIPTIONS ACCOUNTS ---> ADD @gwenyummy!

Hee, can't wait to start getting to know you all better and I think this makes it a whole lot easier than emailing and commenting haha. Isn't technology amazing?! haha

Thanks again for reading and have a lovely week ahead! MUAH!

*Photo credits: & Tourism of Thailand.

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