Friday, 21 March 2014


Does it boggle your minds and leave you breathless whenever you spot your favourite Hollywood's A-list celebrities looking flawless and pristine on silver screens and at major red carpet events?

Here's the inside scoop. It's GLAMGLOW.

Nina Dobrev is using it, Natalie Portman raves about it, damn, even Denzel Washington's addicted to it.

The secret is a real Hollywood cult product that tingles and gives you 'camera-ready' in 10 minutes!

GlamGlow's Supermud Clearing Treatment boasts of several ground-breaking ingredients including 6 different acid blends - glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mandelic, pyruvic, azelaic acid and real eucalyptus leaves for ming-blowing results. 

Clay masks were the first kind of masks that I started using when I was 17 and I've tried many of them and this is by far one of the best because it's so effective in the short span of 10 minutes.

When I first apply it on, it has a warm, slightly burning sensation that feels very invigorating. It dries up very quickly that forms into a tight cast on my face. It's best you to just relax your facial muscles and not move at all or it'll just cracking and possibly, cause wrinkles!

The sweet thing about this mask are its oil-regulating ingredients - Activated-X Charcoal and K17-Clay that extracts 500-times it’s own mass in bacteria, sebum oils and toxins, revealing dots of Pore-Matrix™ before your eyes.

After washing off the product, I could see and feel a significant change in appearance, though it leaves my skin feeling a tad dry, it felt much cleaner and lighter, and absolutely liberating! Btw, the mask smells FREAKING AMAZING.

Designed as a 10-minute anti-aging 'facial in a jar' for Hollywood Entertainment industries, Youthmud has taken the Hollywood scene by storm and touts several exotic ingredients such as mud from France’s Mediterranean Sea, ancient volcanic pumice rock and real pieces of green tea leaves that promises instant, glowing results.

Youthmud coats onto my skin smoothly and I could feel a chunk of tea leaves plaster on my face as I apply the product. It stung a little initially but I'm used to it and quite frankly, I have this sick satisfaction from the prickly sensation I get, makes me feel as if the product is working its magic.

I suppose the most amazing thing I found is that as I wash the mask off, it turns into an incredible exfoliating scrub that sloughs away all my dead skin cells! Every single one of em'. My complexion felt smoother and more and my skin looked the part.

Also, my skin didn't feel stretched and is more reflective under the light, don't you think?! I am completely blown away! I don't normally use brightening masks because I didn't think they were necessary but after seeing visible results, I'm hooked.

(I used Supermud followed my Youthmud prior to meeting BFF one sunny afternoon! Look at them rosy cheeks and shiny forehead!)

Though the masks are almost double the price compared to similar masks in the market, I do think that GlamGlow is really worth investing in or at least trying out at least once. If you have to choose between one, I would suggest getting the Supermud because it's so effective at treating and clearing blemishes, zits, breakouts, black & white heads, and reducing pore size faster than you can cook an egg.

Packaging resembles the Windows 3D Pinball game and somehow reminds me of Wonderwoman, you think? Lol. Anyway I love the velvety-felt material they use for their boxes, immediately elevates consumer brand perceptions! Powerful and magical would be the best way to describe my experience with these 2 masks and definitely my skin's new BFF!

Price: SGD92.00
Sold exclusively at Sephora stores islandwide, Escentials Paragon/Tangs Orchard.

Good luck and see you in Glam-Land! :)


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