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Hi everyone!

My new video is finally up on Youtube! This time, I'm sharing my favourite face masks that has my skin glowing and screaming for more!

I started incorporating different types of face masks into my skincare routine about 4 years ago when I noticed a gradual improvement in my complexion after consistently using them 4-5 times a week.
I have been very religious about my daily mask-pampering ritual since.

I mostly put on my mask(s) in the evening after my bath, and before I apply my usual skincare products. Normally, I would do one mask, but if I feel that my skin needs extra pampering, I would normally use a purifying/detox mask, followed by a hydrating mask.

I'm an oily-combination skin type with ultra-sensitive skin, so I'm cautious and particular when it comes to products that I put onto my face. After experimenting with a myriad of facial masks, I've discovered a handful that has worked miracles on my skin.

Watch the video now:


What's so great about the GlamGlow range is that both the SuperMud and YouthMud doubles as an exfoliator and since I rarely exfoliate my skin anymore, I allow the masks to do it for me. After 10 minutes, I massage my face with lukewarm water and slough away all the toxins and impurities. Blackheads, whiteheads, ANNIHILATED.

Where: Sephora stores, Escentials Paragon/Tangs
Price: SGD 92


Best brightening mask. EVER. My skin radiates light every time I use this mask. Amazing how green tea, some volcanic pumic rock mixed with exquisite Mediterranean mud can do to your skin. 

Where: Sephora stores, Escentials Paragon/Tangs
Price: SGD 92


A successor to Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack, the Capsule Sleeping Mask not only hydrates, but also lightens skin tone. This is an overnight mask that I use before I go to bed. Apply all your skincare products before coating the Capsule Sleeping mask over your entire face. My face always feels extra Q and bouncy in the mornings! LIKE BABY! Ok not really but close la. Lol

Where: Laneige counters
Price: SGD 59


I only started buying sheet masks on my first trip to Taiwan because I heard they have the best and, since then, I've set off a new kind of mask frenzy and have never looked back. Every trip to Taiwaan or China, I will bound to lug home at least $300 worth of facial sheet masks. I can officially say that I'm never EVER gonna be able to finish the massive pile of boxes I have in my room. 

Anyway, this is the most convenient type of masks because most of them don't require any cleansing after you remove it. Just gently pat the essence into the skin and follow up with your usual skincare routine. 
I do this as often as 4-5 times a week and if possible, every day. Too much isn't enough. 

Of cos', selecting the right type of mask is important, I like the range from 我的心机 for it's clear, translucent and soft fabric. The essence penetrates into my skin thoroughly and the sheet is still soaked with goodness even after leaving it on for 10-15mins. I make full use of every sheet by smearing it all over my body!

Do this frequently and you'll notice that your skin will start to look clearer and more luminous. 
I alternate between various mask to target different skin concerns and above are just some of my preferred choices! 

Where: SASA
Price: Around $2/pc


This multi-functional mask is the most interesting one by far and helps to restore, stimulate and boost radiance. Conjured with a complex of antioxidant multi-vitamins and beta-carotene that are critical for the production of collagen and proper development of the skin’s natural barrier properties, it works by the foaming action to cleanse the skin while simultaneously flooding it with the oxygen and the fuel required to enhance the energy supply to the skin.

It's remarkable how science works, when I watch the foaming happen within minutes, and leaving my skin looking smooth and radiant every time.

Where: Escentials Paragon/Tangs Orchard (Only available in July 2014)
Price: SGD 95

What's your favourite face mask? Tell me in the comments box below! :)

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