Monday, 26 May 2014


Hi sweets!!!

I promised another entry for yesterday but my video's only up on Youtube today! Well finally, it was supposed to be a Sunday video!! Took the server 6 hours to upload it -_____-!

Regardless, I'm super happy today, it's my first time doing a make-up look on camera so I'm extremely nervous and also, excited for you guys to see it! Took me some time to edit it cos' I was bombed at work, we had a fashion showcase at Marina Square on Friday, 2 events to attend on Saturday and YOUTUBE FANFEST TODAY!!!! Weee!

Super cramped week but I'm feeling so much positive vibe from the fans who turned up to the Meet and Greet session for NOC earlier today. Thank you so much all you who came down, we really appreciate it! And thank you to my supaheroes Ryan & Sylvia for having me on this! <3

Anyway, this look is inspired from Jun Ji-hyun's character, Cheon Song Yi from the Korean Drama, My Love From Another Star. Watch the video below!

Here are the final looks:

We all have different features, thickness of eyelids, brows and lip shapes so you may have to estimate how thick or thin you'd want your eye liners and brows to be to balance out your whole look. 

And I picked the look with a bright fuchsia lip to give my face a pop of colour! See what a huge difference it makes!

More photos on the look below.

You can always have your hair pulled back, or accessorise with a headband just like Jeon Ji-Hyun in the show! I love her outfits and looks so much, it's very dynamic and it suits all sides of the character she plays in the show.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me at or on Instagram @gwenyummy, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this video!

Thank you for reading and watching and I'll see you all on my next video! BYE!! 


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