Sunday, 15 June 2014


OMG no one would believe what's happening to me unless I tell you myself lol. In the last 100 hours, I only had 4 hours of sleep. Other than that, my mind and body has been working in supersonic-godspeed lol.

Even taking a cab home from the hotel is a BLESSING. God brought this cab driver to me for a reason and I told him that, turns out the reason why I have been so hyper-active and emotional could be due to the steriods (bobian) I am taking from my doctor. My rare immune deficiency MAY be cured and he shared with me that because he takes steriods for his skin problems too, he gets too hyper and his mind can't stop. So he told me that I needed to keep my meds in check and also check back with my doctor on this.

Isn't it amazing? Before this, I wouldn't have known or understand why everything that is happening is happening to me and now I just got enlightened! Haha, I stopped taking my muscle relaxants at night because I thought it was bad but now I know why the doctor prescribed it and why I SHOULD take it lol.

I've just taken it and I PROBABLY will be able to sleep like a baby tonight, YAY! So all of my angels whatsapp-ing me and msging me, DON'T WORRY. I think I will be OKAY NOW. hee, long status update again. I hope you're not bored ;p

So this is my "brief" status update, and just wanted to tell anyone who's reading that you never know what will happen next, little coincidences like that are #godsent. Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to the GREATEST DAY IN DA WORLD. I miss you and I'm sorry I did not spend it with you today, but we'll make it up to you tmr. LOVE YOU DADDY <3

2 photos I just uploaded from my mobile! My first time at USS today, and my favourite is the Mummy's ride, followed by Transformers!

Meds kicking in so I'm gonna shower and crash now! :)

Good night you all munchkins! <3

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  1. Take care, we're all hoping u to be well and healthy. Cheers!