Monday, 9 June 2014


Hello! I know it's 11:50pm Sunday time and most of you are probably getting ready for bedtime or you could be watching dota2 @ beyondthesummit lol but I wanted to do a quick recap on this weekend's events! Hee!

Woke up early morning for a shoot with N.O.C. at Tiong Bahru before heading over to Tangs for an their exclusive Guerlain Super Aqua Preview Event.

Hee my stylo mylo shot from Franster's aviators just cos' I thought there were SUPER COOL AND REFLECTIVE! haha Nina and I could totally check ourselves out with em'! 

Shoot overran but thankfully I managed to rush down just in time for the event! Super heng cos the moment I entered the car park at Wheelock, I got a lot XD

Miss ma lovely girl, Joy who let me bring Ivan along for the event <3 Excited to try out Guerlain's new Super Aqua Range, have tried several korean BB Creams but never tried a French one so I'm really looking forward to trying them out soon to see how well they last in our weather and humidity here! :)

Right after that, I couldn't resist shopping around for a red lipstick after spotting Joy's beautiful Russian Red lips! Been intending to get a red lip liner also cos' my lipsticks always seem to feather after a few hours :( Wonder if the Urban Decay Clear Lip Liner works, any of you girls out there have any idea or are using it? Lemme know! :)

So anyway, I posted on my Facebook asking if I should purchase this colour and most of you suggested that I should, so I did! Hahaha I'll do a clearer swatch of this with a LOTD this week! Oh it's Burberry's Union Red in case you're wondering! :)

Finally settled for late lunch, Ivan and I were famished, so we had Skinny Pizza, it was all right! I was more happy to see and get to talk to my BFF more than anything <3

What I wore for Saturday's filming and events:

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Accessories: Nastygal

Sorry the shots were pretty bad because Franster's not a photographer!! He didn't know how to take close up shots of my heels hahaha, but its ok, we took it in a rush anyway since most of us were busy filming and rehearsing lines ;p Video for this will be out really soon though!

Anyway, here's this week's Nightowl Cinematics Video featuring Franster and MEEE! XD Do subscribe to us and share the video if you enjoyed it!


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Thanks for watching and I hope ya'll have a super duper start to your Monday tomorrow~ =D


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