Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Morning buttercups!!!!!!

I'm up early again today though I had my alarm set up at 10am for later. Slept really late these 2 days cos' there's been so much work to catch up on now that I'm getting better and I've been running around for the island for meetings with potential clients and also getting to meet lots of new friends that I met on IG!

It's been a long time since I went on a "blind" date kinda thing, I remember I was 15 when I met my first Warcraft3 friend in real life! Hahaha I was so terrified I had to lug a girl friend along to accompany me for the whole experience. Met with 2 sweetest IG-ers last week but they wanna be nameless and mysterious so I can't post photos ;p

But I did get around to uploading my photos from yesterday's full day of events!

It's almost too long since I had my hair treated so I went down to Xavier at Next Salon who knows my hair best ;p

Did a treatment that helped softened my hair, I didn't exactly ask what it was but I trusted him and you'll just have to see for yourself from the photos! Hee, I didn't touch up on my roots since I've been having this rare immune deficiency condition and I am more cautious and skeptical about chemicals that I put on my face and into my body so I decided touching up on my roots can wait for now til' I get a clear diagnosis from my doctor and he gives the "good to go" to dye my hair. Perhaps those dyes without ammonia would be all right? Well I'm not sure but it doesn't look that bad to me anyway now that my roots are growing out, most importantly, my roots and ends are healthy! :)

CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS HAIR CUT AND STYLING!! Xavier blew it and I just can't get over how soft and korean-ish it turned out

Haha I know, my hair looks really outrageous and unruly in the mornings but that's how they really are! A lot of you sweets have asked me how come my hair always looks so nice or luscious but they are actually very dry and damaged. It looks good in videos or when I'm at events cos' I either straightened it at home or have my styling done at Next! ;p

So what I hope to do more consistently are actually good hair treatments that will help to soften my ends and keep my roots clean and healthy.

If you wanna know what products I use to keep my hair tamed and healthy, I will be doing a Hair Routine detailed video/blog post soon so keep a lookout for that! There's been a lot of video request and I will try my best to film them as soon as I can!

Here's a just a quick scoop of what I use most of the time:

1. Hair Shampoo - Original & Mineral Detox Shampoo (Once a week or every other day if necessary)
2. Hair Masque The Power Base Protein Masque (Once a month) *Honestly, I should do this every week, but I'm such a sloth! )
3. Daily Hair Shampoo - TSUBAKI Shining Shampoo (from Watsons/Guardian)
4. Daily Hair Conditioner - TSUBAKI Shining Conditioner (from Watsons/Guardian)
5. Leave-on Conditioner - Original & Mineral Conditioning Detangler (sprayed when hair is wet after bath)
6. Leave-on Serum - Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum (applied on ends before blow-drying)

And that's about it! It's a lot of products going on but I do try to take good care of my hair cos' a person's mane really frames the face and can make or break your looks!

Also, I tried a new eye liner look yesterday haha, thought I'd spam you guys with some photos too ;p
I always draw my eyeliner very thick cos my double eye lids are always bulgy and wonky and they are not symmetrical or even. Yesterday was a good eye day so I only needed to line very thinly with my Dollywink Brown Liquid Liner and it looked effortless and natural which was what I always wanted to achieve with my eyes.

Completed the look with 1 coat of my favourite Majolica Majorca Mascara and a new Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss from Intelligent Nutrients that's certified organic and gluten free! Haha ;p
I picked the one in Cranberry Glow cos I don't seem to have similar lip colours and it's almost a russet colour with a beautiful natural sheen. Smells more like plum than cranberry but I love it anyway! It's quite moisturing and goes on really smoothly with their brush applicator. 

How do you like the look?

Oh and before I forget! Special treat for all my lovely and amazing readers! Quote "GWENYUMMY" for 10% off any Hair Cuts/Styling & Dye services at Next Salon if you ever decide to visit! Heh, look for Xavier or Willie cos they are the ones I personally work with! =D Good luck!

Thanks so much for dropping by, have a super duper Tuesday and check back in tonight cos I'll be posting up yesterday's outfit details!

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