Wednesday, 11 June 2014


As promised I'm back with another blog entry today!!

Wanted to come home early to have dinner and get started on my TSL article and blog post but today's schedule turned out INSANE! Omg.

Rushed out of the house for a meeting at the TSL office, then had lunch with Bryan and WHAT DO YOU KNOW. The blur queen in me was looking for Bryan fervently and THEN BAMMMM. The entire bowl of scalding hot Yong Tau Fu just spewed down on me. LOL ULTIMATE KLUTZ. It didn't feel painful initially, felt more like sauna but once I went to the the restroom to get it washed and cleaned, OMFG, THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING. Burning from the inside out and it was so unbearable. 

My dear BFF Bryan happily sat his ass down and enjoyed his saba fish and herbal soup while all that happened and got me mad pissed at him! Hahaha he was more concerned about enjoying his warm food than my burnt legs la! T_T I forgive him though, he bought me necklaces today from Gush Cloud's office sale or something! YAY!!! SO PREETS!! 

Made me feel better after all that insensitive bull he put me through ;p 
Back to my OOTD!

Blazer: Tiara
Top: Sans & Sans
Pants: Sans & Sans
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Own
Bracelet: Miu Miu
Hair Cut/Styling: Next Salon

Matched a loose-fitting sleeveless tunic with this gorgeous houndstooth printed cropped pants from Sans & Sans! The tunic is quite long but I opted for the tuck-ed in look and paired it with a vibrant yellow blazer from Tiara. 

A little impressed at myself that I was able to pull off pants since I almost never wore them and I've been sporting more pants recently cos' I found a couple from Sans & Sans that really fits my lower body like a dream! And I love how shameless I make myself sound right now haha XD

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this short post, I will try to keep this blog as fresh and updated whenever I can. I have so much exciting news and content to share with you and it's all in the pipeline now but ya! I really hope to that you guys enjoy my entries and shoot me if you have any questions to I will reply you as soon as I can :) 

Otherwise, you can look for me on Instagram @gwenyummy or check out updates on my Facebook Page here. 

Good night and happy dreams!  ❤ 



  1. love this outfit of yours! so pretty and I think you look like Cheon Song Yi! =D

    Heaven Knows

  2. awesome necklaces, ootd and your hair! totally loving it :)