Friday, 14 November 2014


Hi everyone! 

How has your week been so far! I'm excited to share that SteelSeries is introducing the New Siberia Headset Family and I got the chance to review the Siberia Elite Prism

As a gamer who wants a fuss free headset with a sleek design, the Siberia Elite Prism fulfils my every criteria. It is the closest to my dream headset for the design and its simplistic functions. 

When it comes to technology, I favour fuss-free setups and easy accessibility to the various functions. The Elite Prism hits the nail on the head. All I had to do was remove the packaging and plug in the gear. 

Personally, i detest having to go through a long detailed manual to learn about my products, hence, it is a true delight to note that the manual was a mere few pages and the download process took less time than boiling an egg! The only down side is that I had to kickstart the installation process via the brand’s website. 

After toggling with the technicality of the headgear system, I have to say this is one of my favourite complements for my gaming system. 

In addition, the ear cups cushion my face relatively well. such luxury are seldom enjoyed by me for my face is too slim for the conventional gaming headgear. However, there is one drawback I noticed after prolonged usage. The cord connecting the headpiece to my computer is simply too short. Every movement causes a shift in the placement which disrupts the flow of my gaming. Hopefully, this can be rectified in the future models. 

Oh did I mention that you can easily tweak your audio with the included dials on each earcup, one to mute the mic and one to adjust the volume? How cool is that?! You can further enhance Siberia Elite Prism’s sound using their powerful SteelSeries Engine 3 configuration software on PC and Mac by adjusting the 10-band equalizer, switch between presets and manage the microphone and Dolby options. 

I like that all of these tweaks can be saved to an unlimited amount of profiles that will auto-load depending on which application or game you launch. For instance, i would use a different profile for watching a movie and playing dota 2! This makes switching between profiles hassle-free, giving you complete control over your sound. Cable adapters for PC, Mac, PS4 and mobile devices offer a multiplatform, high-end sound experience.  

One last perk I feel like shouting out to the world is the constant light change at the sides of the headgear! Frankly, it took all of my self-restrain not to look into my reflection to watch the light show.

If you’re looking to get a gift for a friend who’s really into gaming and deluxe, competition-grade headset (especially for Christmas!), this is the one you should look into buying.

Available now in Black and White.
Price: SGD299
You can find them in stores at Cybermind, Newstead and Gamepro. 
SteelSeries Siberia SG Facebook:


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