Tuesday, 9 December 2014


So recently, I had been extended an invitation to Spa Detour, a new generation spa conceived and launched by DUCK and HiPPO, Singapore's original DUCKtours and topless tour bus operator. It may seem unusual that these ‘non-spa’ people are taking a detour from touring activities to give the leisure spa a new spin but, by doing so, they hope to change the game by redefining what a spa can be. No more ‘scary’ packages, no pressure selling. It was this novel concept and the focus on providing busy urbanites with a conducive fashion-forward space for a ‘hide-out’ or ‘breakaway’ that got me booking my first appointment with them. They were also kind enough to extend the invitation to my cousin who accompanied me to the spa. 

Spa Detour is located at Suntec, which is a prime area and easily accessible via the MRT. When we arrived, we were greeted by the polite staff who introduced the place to us and brought us around to explore all the different treatment areas. Every door takes you to another realm, another time… such as facial in an old warehouse, sleep spa in a rabbit hole, manicure in a theatre or massage in a barn (which got us laughing hysterically).
Expect the unexpected.

We took our picks and were each treated to a relaxing aromatherapy massage with a blend of Lavender essential oils in the surreal rainforest room. As she started kneading my upper back, I could hear and feel my bones popping, a sign that my pressure points were ‘unlocked’. It felt so liberating and wasn’t at all painful. It only felt more sensitive when she turned me over and massaged my tummy and she  had put too much pressure. However, she was receptive and adjust he strength when I told her to put less pressure. The treatment lasted an hour but we wouldn’t have mind if it went on longer. 

Our experience with Spa Detour didn’t stop there. After a quick bath, we tidied up and left the room. We were swiftly greeted at the door by Amp. By the way, my cousin was full of praise for Amp’s skills, she led us to the lounge and treated us to some cakes and water where we spent a good hour chatting and exploring the interesting lounge that seemed to clash yet seem to complement the rest of quirkiness of the decoration theme. 
Overall, the much needed massage was soothing and our experience was gratifying. I’ll say that it’s definitely worth the occasional splurge due to the exquisite pricing.

Spa Detour is currently running a 1-for-1 promotion off all spa treatments for my readers, so should you require a much needed massage or facial anytime soon, feel free to call their hotline and redeem this offer by quoting ‘B141’. Perhaps I’ll bump into you munchkins on my next visit! :)

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