Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Hi everyone!

Pardon my disappearance but do be patient while I get things in order! I’ve been making re-adjustments to my life and it hasn't been easy but I’m coping! However, I’m really glad to say that, I have been feeling a lot lighter, happier and more at ease with myself since the New Year and will share with you more on my transition as soon as I can. I have been doing more personal writing, most of which I feel my thoughts and feelings I am not ready to share on a public platform knowing that the Internet is forever... Lol.

That aside, today I want to talk about a brand-new power Beauty Serum, specifically Asience’s Nature Smooth Shampoo range.


I am very particular when it comes to my hair because I have a sensitive scalp and if not taken care of properly, tends to get oily and itches quickly. Also, my hair gets caught in a hundred thousand knots whenever I wash it.

As a result, I am very specific and careful about what I choose to use on my hair and only wash it once every 2 days if possible.

For me, suitability of the product comes first, then fragrance, because which girl doesn’t want to smell like a bed of flowers and lastly, ingredients.


I received the new Asience Nature Smooth range for Oily Scalp and Dry Ends. This new generation of hair care series transforms your hair with every wash and immediately nourishes with a concentrated infusion of argan oil, camellia oil and precious essences of pearl, pomegranate, rose and lemongrass.  

Kao’s Hair Beautifying Technology allows the formula to penetrate into the hair core, plumps up the hollowed protein fibres found in damaged hair, thereby repairing and restoring shine and suppleness of hair form within.

After 3 washes, my hair feels more youthful and healthy while being less tangled. I’ve only had to use a 50-cent coin size of product even though I have very thick and dense hair so this huge bottle can last me at least 4-6 months. Fragrance wise, it has quite a heavy floral smell due to the many flower extracts in the ingredients list. However, the lemongrass is quite evident and depending on each individual, you may or may not like it. 

I would suggest this to girls looking to achieve softness, shine and smoothness with this first ever Beauty Serum in a Shampoo.


Between the Nature Smooth Conditioner and the Treatment, I’d go with the latter as it is a lot denser and nourishing and I can really feel the product penetrating into my hair fibres and softening my dry ends. Leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

If you don’t mind splurging, pamper yourself with the Asience Nature Smooth Treatment twice a week or every time you shampoo your hair. I love this product the most as I’ve gotten 2-3 compliments that my hair feels softer and looks more youthful when they touch it.  It also smells different than most other treatment products I’ve used as they have added lemongrass, which is quite strong and uplifting when you smear it on. Finally, I think it’s more important how I feel about the product and I really like the richness and highly concentrated Beauty Serum formula that leaves my hair feeling so luscious.

The new and improved Asience haircare range is available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores from January 2015. Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are available in the size of 480ml (pump bottle) at $14.90 each.

If you like to give this product a try, sample sizes are available on, Now head over to start your experience! J

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