Sunday, 21 June 2015


Has it ever occurred to you what happens when car tyres wear out? 
Well, the tyres become scrap and end up in the landfill. Nearly 300 million tyres are discarded each year - and that’s just in the United States. And because rubber doesn't decompose easily, it contributes to the huge waste problem worldwide. 

Thanks to Rubber Killer, these tyres are saved,  re-textured into high-quality, stylish bags, pouches and notebooks. The products are functional, edgy, and eco-conscious, qualities that resonate an outstanding and responsible fashion brand. 

Rubber Killer exudes a certain cool vibe, with a good array of designs, styles and textures for the eco-conscious and fashion-forward shopper to choose from. Who says you can't have style and substance?

Originally from Chiang Mai, Thailand, Rubber Killer is the brainchild of Saroengrong Wong-Savun, a.k.a. Joi. An independent architect, Joi mixes his brilliant design know-how with his eco-friendly philosophy to create super sustainable products under his own studio - the Re-Leaf Studio.

The brand believes in giving back to society and provide opportunities for locals in emerging economies by training them, equipping them with valuable skills and providing fair compensation under the Fair Trade International system. Through this initiative, Rubber Killer hopes to aid these workers in raising their earning power to better provide for themselves and their families.

A firm believer in the importance of education, they also allocate a percentage of their profits to fund a local education scholarship in Thailand, with the aim of financing the education of financially needy students.

The Classic Jan is my go-to bagpack for anything and everything. It makes for a great travel bagpack because it holds so much and it's lightweight. However, these days, I use it to hold my clothes, shoes and Ronny pouch when I hit the gym. It's spacious and practical for all ages. It comes in 6 different colours but I figured black works best for me, though I really adore the yellow one, it's such an exhilarating shade!

The Ronny pouch is versatile and functional. It's uni-sexual, as with most of their products, so guys can choose to use it for school stationery, to store travel essentials such as shades, passports, currencies. Needless to say, girls have 1000 uses for pouches so I need not explain but I like to store my toiletries and beauty essentials for gym because I can bring it into the shower and not afraid that it will get wet because it is water resistant :)

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